The ffmpeg file not found no matter what I try

Hello, I’m trying to install FFmpeg for Macbook Pro version 10.15.7. When I download the package it works but when I look for the ffmpeg.64bit.dylib file Audacity only finds some lego piece that is called libmp3lame64bit.dylib. I click on this lego piece and nothing happens, Audacity still says library FFmpeg library not found, even though I successfully downloaded the file from here: Help!

Hi! Maybe you need the version that’s not for 64 bit OSX. Check the home page

Hi, I noticed you mention ffmpeg in the subject, but lame on the body of the message. FFmpeg is one thing, lame is another. You downloaded lame, but you claim to require ffmpeg.

Yeah, I’m still confused. I just found a workaround. I use iTunes to convert the file into an mp3 now. Never resolved this issue.