Question on importing an AMR Wideband raw file (no header)

I was trying to use Audacity to import a raw (no header) AMR Wideband 16000 Hz file but have not found any utilities out there that allow importing WITHOUT an AMR header. Yours does do import, but it doesn’t have the AMR file format listed, AND I have installed the ffmpeg import/export library per:
and still doesn’t get any more options in the import dialog when importing:

Hi! Have you checked this article out? Custom FFmpeg Export Options - Audacity Manual (

No but again its no help. I NEED TO GET THE FILE FIRST LOADED BY AUDACITY before I can do anything in Audacity, and neither File Open or File Import works. I have the file in what I believe to be raw data without any header, and that’s why I was hoping that the import would work, but the import doesnt have this format listed in the dialog box, so the problem is I cant import into Audacity in the first place. I cannot imagine that this issue is not solvable, but I cant find anything in the internet to work with this format, its baffling.

But I do know that the “customer” has some way of playing such data, that I am sure of, i just am not privy to it.

Ah, from your explanation it seemed your problem was especific export options.

WOuld you mind sending me the file over a private channel? you have my email address.

I guess you already have ffmpeg installed into your particular version of audacity? yes?