Is ffmpeg on a Mac M1 still an issue?

I searched the archive but didn’t see a clear solution. I downloaded and installed the ffmpeg file recommended here. It looked like it installed ok but there’s no new ffmpeg file installed. I first encountered this when I installed Audacity 3.2.2 and now when installing 3.2.3. Any help is appreciated. I asked Audacity about this on their Discord server and they recommended I come here.

Try Audacity 3.2.2 with

Audacity sent me a file that I guess they’re going to talk to you about putting it on here. It worked. It’s up and going. Thanks!

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If you can, please go to and DRAG/UPLOAD the file they sent you there. The site will process it and redirect you to another page, if you can send me the resulting link

Here you go…

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Excellent. It is the same file as I am hosting on