Goodwill, Gratitude, Hope

A L O H A ! To the generous folks who have engineered Audacity, LAME, FF-mpeg . . .
I believe strongly in the effects of Neighborliness & Goodwill, so it impresses the hell out of me to witness the self-sacrifice necessary to keep up on this project.

 "Never underestimate value (or impact)
         of even the most insignificant
                  of wholesome acts."

                                    ~ A Universal Truth,
                                             Taoist Maxim, 2,500 BCE   

  But just think about the current discovery of Chaos Theory, & its implications for the future in an

uncountable myriad of pathways. FUCK PUTIN & all bullies of his ilk.
So. . . Keep on keepin’ on.

                                 Mr. Page S. Ronning,
                                     (808) 793-9154,
                                         Upcountry Maui
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